Basic Search

The "Basic Search" offers a (thematic) free keyword search (like "population", "water", "emission").
Don't enter geographic terms, such as country names. You need to search first for a specific subject and can only later than display the values for the countries.
Don't use commata to separate keywords and don't put them in quotation marks.
If you enter multiple keywords the query will automatically use an "AND" to find variables where both keywords appear.
It does not matter if you write words in small or big letters.



Advanced Search

The "Advanced Search" enables the user to search more sophisticated:
Free keywords: Enter any (thematic) keyword (like "population", "water", "emission").
Type of data set: National Statistics are enabling the user to get a value for every country. Regional Statistics are holding a value for each GEO region. The Subregional Statistics are covering the GEO subregions. Data sets like Precipitation, Land Cover & Drainage Basins are classified as Geospatial data sets.
GEO themes: Here the data sets are grouped under the 9 themes used in the GEO report. (Biodiversity, Forests, Socio-Economy...).
GEO data categories: The data sets have been split into smaller groups, covering a wider range of themes.
GEO regions: Limit the search to see only results or cut-outs for your preferred GEO region.

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